Observation record pending approval

ID: 159807

Species: Acropora spicifera

Location: Abrolhos, Australia

Primary resource: Stimson, J. (1996) Wave-like outward growth of some table- and plate-forming corals, and a hypothetical mechanism. Bulletin of Marine Science 58, 301–313

Secondary resource: Pratchett, M. S., Anderson, K. D., Hoogenboom, M. O., Widman, E., Baird, A. H., Pandolfi, J. M., Edmunds, P. J., Lough, J. M. (2015) Spatial, temporal and taxonomic variation in coral growth - implications for the structure and function of coral reef ecosystems. Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review 53, 215-295

Contributor: Elizabeth Widman


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