Observation record

ID: 81164

Species: Acropora clathrata

Location: Heron Island

Primary resource: La Jeunesse, T. C., Loh, W. K. W., Van Woesik, R., Hoegh Guldberg, O., Schmidt, G. W., Fitt, W. K. (2003) Low symbiont diversity in southern Great Barrier Reef corals relative to those of the Caribbean. Limnol. Oceangr. 48, 2046-2054

Secondary resource: Franklin, E. C., Stat, M., Pochon, X., Putnam, H. M., Gates, R. D. (2011) GeoSymbio: a hybrid, cloud-based web application of global geospatial bioinformatics and ecoinformatics for Symbiodinium-host symbioses. Molecular Ecology Resources 12, 369-373

Contributor: Hollie Putnam


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