Observation record

ID: 90434

Species: Montipora capitata

Location: Hawaii

Primary resource: Grottoli, A. G., Rodrigues, L. J., Palardy, J. E. (2006) Heterotrophic plasticity and resilience in bleached corals. Nature 440, 1186-1189

Secondary resource: Edmunds, P. J., Burgess, S. C., Putnam, H. M., Baskett, M. L., Bramanti, L., Fabina, N. S., Han, X., Lesser, M. P., Madin, J. S., Wall, C. B., Yost, D. M., Gates, R. D. (2014) Evaluating the causal basis of ecological success within the scleractinia: an integral projection model approach. Marine Biology 161, 2719-2734

Contributor: Hollie Putnam


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