Willis, B. L., Babcock, R. C., Harrison, P. L., Oliver, J. K. (1985) Patterns in the mass spawning of corals on the Great Barrier Reef from 1981 to 1984.. Proc. 5th. Int. Coral Reef Symp 4, 343-48

ID: 57

DOI: conference_proceedings

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Observations from this resource

Parascolymia vitiensis

Pectinia alcicornis

Pectinia lactuca

Pectinia paeonia

Platygyra daedalea

Platygyra pini

Pleuractis paumotensis

Polyphyllia novaehiberniae

Scapophyllia cylindrica

Symphyllia recta

Turbinaria frondens

Turbinaria reniformis