Muir, P., Wallace, C., Bridge, T. C. L., Bongaerts, P. (2015) Diverse Staghorn Coral Fauna on the Mesophotic Reefs of North-East Australia. PLOS ONE 10, e0117933

ID: 755

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0117933

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Observations from this resource

Acropora abrolhosensis

Acropora aculeus

Acropora austera

Acropora cardenae

Acropora carduus

Acropora caroliniana

Acropora cerealis

Acropora chesterfieldensis

Acropora clathrata

Acropora cytherea

Acropora donei

Acropora echinata

Acropora elegans

Acropora elseyi

Acropora florida

Acropora granulosa

Acropora horrida

Acropora kimbeensis

Acropora latistella

Acropora lokani

Acropora loripes

Acropora loveli

Acropora microclados

Acropora paniculata

Acropora pichoni