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  • 833
    Zhao, M. X., Yu, K. F., Zhang, Q. M., Shi, Q., Roff, G., (2013) Age structure of massive Porites lutea corals at Luhuitou fringing reef (northern South China Sea) indicates recovery following severe anthropogenic disturbance. Coral Reefs 33, 39-44

  • 49
    Zibrowius, H. (1980) Les scléractiniaires de la Méditerranée et de l'Atlantique nord-oriental. Mémoires de l'Institut Océanographique Monaco 11, 284

  • 168
    de Graaf, M., Geertjes, G. J., Videler, J. J. (1999) Observations on spawning of scleractinian corals and other invertebrates on the reefs of Bonaire (Netherland Antilles Caribbean). Bulletin of marine science 64, 189-194

  • 785
    van Veghel M.L.J. , Bosscher H. (1995) Variation in linear growth and skeletal density within the polymorphic reef building coral Montastrea annularis. Bulletin of Marine Science 56, 902–908

  • 661
    von Koch, G. (1897) Entwicklung von Caryophyllia cyathus. Mitt Zool Stat Neapel Bd 12, 755-772

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