Growth outline type

ID: 101

Class: Morphological


Whether or not a colony tends to approach a predictable outline. This trait was included in Wallace et al. (2012), and so has been measured mostly for Acropora.


Values: indeterminate determinate


Editor: Mia Hoogenboom (contact)


Acropora abrotanoides

Acropora aculeus

Acropora acuminata

Acropora anthocercis

Acropora arabensis

Acropora batunai

Acropora bushyensis

Acropora caroliniana

Acropora cerealis

Acropora clathrata

Acropora cytherea

Acropora dendrum

Acropora digitifera

Acropora divaricata

Acropora donei

Acropora downingi

Acropora elegans

Acropora eurystoma

Acropora forskali

Acropora glauca

Acropora globiceps

Acropora hoeksemai

Acropora humilis

Acropora hyacinthus

Acropora indonesia