PaleoDB taxon id

ID: 140

Class: Unclassified


The taxon IDs from the PaleoDB that correspond with species in the Coral Trait Database. The IDs are used to link to taxa in PaleoDB.


Methodologies: None entered

Editor: John Pandolfi (contact)


Acanthastrea echinata

Acanthastrea hemprichi

Acropora abrotanoides

Acropora acuminata

Acropora aspera

Acropora austera

Acropora branchi

Acropora cerealis

Acropora cervicornis

Acropora clathrata

Acropora cylindrica

Acropora cytherea

Acropora digitifera

Acropora divaricata

Acropora donei

Acropora florida

Acropora gemmifera

Acropora glauca

Acropora globiceps

Acropora grandis

Acropora hemprichii

Acropora hoeksemai

Acropora horrida

Acropora humilis

Acropora hyacinthus