PaleoDB taxon id

ID: 140

Class: Unclassified


The taxon IDs from the PaleoDB that correspond with species in the Coral Trait Database. The IDs are used to link to taxa in PaleoDB.


Methodologies: None entered

Editor: John Pandolfi (contact)


Acropora indonesia

Acropora intermedia

Acropora irregularis

Acropora kosurini

Acropora lamarcki

Acropora latistella

Acropora listeri

Acropora longicyathus

Acropora loveli

Acropora lutkeni

Acropora microphthalma

Acropora millepora

Acropora minuta

Acropora monticulosa

Acropora nasuta

Acropora natalensis

Acropora orbicularis

Acropora palmata

Acropora palmerae

Acropora pharaonis

Acropora pinguis

Acropora polystoma

Acropora pulchra

Acropora robusta

Acropora roseni