Western-most range edge

ID: 166

Class: Geographical


Western-most edge of a species range given as longitude, typically calculated from shapefiles. May also include one-off published observations. Not to be confused with western-most longitude relative to Greenwich. The value that results in the greatest range extent is used when species have been synonymized.



Editor: Sally Keith (contact)


Porites pukoensis

Porites rugosa

Porites rus

Porites sillimaniani

Porites solida

Porites somaliensis

Porites stephensoni

Porites tuberculosa

Porites vaughani

Psammocora contigua

Psammocora digitata

Psammocora haimiana

Psammocora profundacella

Psammocora stellata

Psammocora superficialis

Psammocora verrilli

Pseudosiderastrea tayamai

Sandalolitha dentata

Sandalolitha robusta

Scapophyllia cylindrica

Sclerophyllia maxima

Seriatopora aculeata

Seriatopora caliendrum

Seriatopora dentritica

Seriatopora guttata