Growth form Veron

ID: 180

Class: Morphological


The growth form (morphology) of a species as derived from text descriptions in Veron (2000). Species can have more than one growth form, and therefore captures some degree of morphological plasticity.


Values: encrusting massive submassive branching_open corymbose branching_closed tables_or_plates digitate hispidose laminar columnar encrusting_long_uprights


Editor: Andrew Baird (contact)


Echinopora ashmorensis

Echinopora gemmacea

Echinopora horrida

Echinopora mammiformis

Goniastrea ramosa

Hydnophora exesa

Hydnophora grandis

Montipora cactus

Montipora capitata

Montipora confusa

Montipora gaimardi

Montipora hispida

Montipora porites

Montipora saudii

Pocillopora fungiformis

Porites compressa

Porites cylindrica

Porites harrisoni

Porites monticulosa

Porites negrosensis

Porites nigrescens

Porites rus

Porites tuberculosa

Schizoculina africana

Schizoculina fissipara