Growth form typical

ID: 183

Class: Morphological


The growth form (morphology) of a species as derived from text descriptions in Veron (2000). The "typical" growth form is given for each species, rather than all forms that might be observed in the field.


Values: encrusting massive submassive branching_open corymbose branching_closed tables_or_plates digitate hispidose laminar columnar encrusting_long_uprights


Editor: Andrew Baird (contact)


Agaricia agaricites

Agaricia grahamae

Agaricia lamarcki

Agaricia tenuifolia

Agaricia undata

Astreopora expansa

Astreopora explanata

Astreopora moretonensis

Astreopora randalli

Craterastrea levis

Cycloseris explanulata

Cycloseris wellsi

Duncanopsammia peltata

Echinophyllia aspera

Echinophyllia costata

Echinophyllia echinata

Echinophyllia maxima

Echinophyllia patula

Echinophyllia tarae

Echinopora gemmacea

Echinopora lamellosa

Echinopora pacificus

Echinopora taylorae

Helioseris cucullata

Leptoseris amitoriensis