Genus fossil stage

ID: 208

Class: Phylogenetic


The geochronological unit of the first palaeontological occurrence of morphologically defined genera based on the published literature.


Values: Recent Eocene Oligocene Miocene Ypresian Miocene middle Cretaceous Cretaceous Lower Aptian Jurassic Upper Eocene middle Cretaceous Upper Turonian Cretaceous upper Pleistocene Priabonian Cretaceous middle Pliocene Barremian Neocomian Chattian Thanetian Danian Kimmeridgian Miocene upper Burdigalian Oligocene middle Rupelian upper Tortonian Cenomanian Pleistocene-?Oligocene Miocene Lower Aquitanian Eocene-Cretaceous Pliocene-Pleistocene Bathonian Palaeocene Rupelian


Editor: Matthew Kosnik (contact)


Goniopora albiconus

Goniopora burgosi

Goniopora cellulosa

Goniopora ciliatus

Goniopora columna

Goniopora djiboutiensis

Goniopora eclipsensis

Goniopora fruticosa

Goniopora gracilis

Goniopora lobata

Goniopora mauritiensis

Goniopora minor

Goniopora norfolkensis

Goniopora paliformis

Goniopora palmensis

Goniopora pandoraensis

Goniopora pearsoni

Goniopora pendulus

Goniopora planulata

Goniopora polyformis

Goniopora savignyi

Goniopora somaliensis

Goniopora stokesi

Goniopora sultani

Goniopora tantillus