Genus fossil stage

ID: 208

Class: Phylogenetic


The geochronological unit of the first palaeontological occurrence of morphologically defined genera based on the published literature.


Values: Recent Eocene Oligocene Miocene Ypresian Miocene middle Cretaceous Cretaceous Lower Aptian Jurassic Upper Eocene middle Cretaceous Upper Turonian Cretaceous upper Pleistocene Priabonian Cretaceous middle Pliocene Barremian Neocomian Chattian Thanetian Danian Kimmeridgian Miocene upper Burdigalian Oligocene middle Rupelian upper Tortonian Cenomanian Pleistocene-?Oligocene Miocene Lower Aquitanian Eocene-Cretaceous Pliocene-Pleistocene Bathonian Palaeocene Rupelian


Editor: Matthew Kosnik (contact)


Cyphastrea agassizi

Cyphastrea chalcidicum

Cyphastrea decadia

Cyphastrea hexasepta

Cyphastrea japonica

Cyphastrea microphthalma

Cyphastrea ocellina

Cyphastrea serailia

Diploastrea heliopora

Euphyllia ancora

Euphyllia cristata

Euphyllia divisa

Euphyllia fimbriata

Euphyllia glabrescens

Euphyllia paraancora

Euphyllia paradivisa

Euphyllia paraglabrescens

Euphyllia yaeyamaensis

Galaxea acrhelia

Galaxea astreata

Galaxea cryptoramosa

Galaxea fascicularis

Galaxea horrescens

Galaxea longisepta

Galaxea paucisepta