Life history strategy

ID: 233

Class: Ecological


Life history strategies broadly capture the various investments in growth, reproduction, and survivorship that differentiate species.


Values: weedy generalist stress-tolerant competitive


Editor: Emily Darling (contact)


Acropora polystoma

Acropora pulchra

Acropora robusta

Acropora samoensis

Acropora sarmentosa

Acropora secale

Acropora solitaryensis

Acropora subulata

Acropora tenuis

Acropora valenciennesi

Acropora valida

Acropora verweyi

Acropora yongei

Agaricia agaricites

Agaricia fragilis

Agaricia humilis

Agaricia lamarcki

Agaricia tenuifolia

Alveopora fenestrata

Astrea curta

Astreopora myriophthalma

Caulastraea furcata

Coelastrea aspera

Colpophyllia natans

Cyphastrea chalcidicum