Geographical region

ID: 35

Class: Geographical


Presence in broad ocean and geographical regions.


Values: Indian Ocean Western and Central Pacific Western Atlantic Eastern Pacific Eastern Atlantic Subantarctic and Antarctic


Editor: Sally Keith (contact)


Anomocora fecunda

Anomocora marchadi

Anomocora prolifera

Astrangia macrodentata

Astrangia mercatoris

Astroides calycularis

Aulocyathus atlanticus

Balanophyllia cellulosa

Balanophyllia europaea

Balanophyllia floridana

Balanophyllia regia

Balanophyllia thalassae

Caryophyllia abyssorum

Caryophyllia alberti

Caryophyllia ambrosiaambrosia

Caryophyllia atlantica

Caryophyllia balaenacea

Caryophyllia calveri

Caryophyllia cornuformis

Caryophyllia cyathus

Caryophyllia foresti

Caryophyllia inornata

Caryophyllia profunda

Caryophyllia sarsiae

Caryophyllia seguenzae