Geographical region

ID: 35

Class: Geographical


Presence in broad ocean and geographical regions.


Values: Indian Ocean Western and Central Pacific Western Atlantic Eastern Pacific Eastern Atlantic Subantarctic and Antarctic


Editor: Sally Keith (contact)


Acropora valida

Anomocora carinata

Astrangia browni

Astrangia californica

Astrangia conferta

Astrangia costata

Astrangia dentata

Astrangia equatorialis

Astrangia haimei

Astrangia howardi

Astrangia lajollaensis

Astreopora expansa

Balanophyllia cedrosensis

Balanophyllia elegans

Balanophyllia galapagensis

Bathycyathus chilensis

Caryophyllia alaskensis

Caryophyllia arnoldi

Caryophyllia atlantica

Caryophyllia diomedeae

Caryophyllia perculta

Caryophyllia solida

Ceratotrochus franciscana

Cladocora pacifica

Cladopsammia eguchii