Ocean basin

ID: 40

Class: Geographical


The ocean basin in which a species is found. Indian and Pacific Oceans are grouped as "pacific."


Values: pacific atlantic


Editor: Sally Keith (contact)


Acropora cervicornis

Acropora palmata

Acropora prolifera

Agaricia agaricites

Agaricia fragilis

Agaricia grahamae

Agaricia humilis

Agaricia lamarcki

Agaricia tenuifolia

Agaricia undata

Anomocora fecunda

Anomocora marchadi

Anomocora prolifera

Anthemiphyllia paterapatera

Astrangia macrodentata

Astrangia mercatoris

Astrangia poculata

Astrangia rathbuni

Astrangia solitaria

Astroides calycularis

Aulocyathus atlanticus

Balanophyllia bayeri

Balanophyllia caribbeana

Balanophyllia cellulosa

Balanophyllia cyathoides