Depth upper

ID: 91

Class: Ecological


The minimum (shallowest) observed depth of a species. Data are a mix of individual-level local observations and species-level global estimates based on expert opinion.


Methodologies: None entered

Editor: Tom Bridge (contact)


Acropora digitifera

Acropora divaricata

Acropora donei

Acropora downingi

Acropora echinata

Acropora efflorescens

Acropora elegans

Acropora elegantula

Acropora elseyi

Acropora eurystoma

Acropora exquisita

Acropora fastigata

Acropora filiformis

Acropora florida

Acropora forskali

Acropora gemmifera

Acropora glauca

Acropora globiceps

Acropora grandis

Acropora granulosa