Wave exposure preference

ID: 96

Class: Ecological


Preferred hydrodynamic exposure environment. Derived from preferred habitat textual descriptions, mostly from Veron and Stafford-Smith (2002), and published in Diaz and Madin (2011).


Values: protected broad exposed


Editor: Joshua Madin (contact)


Acropora solitaryensis

Acropora spicifera

Acropora stoddarti

Acropora striata

Acropora teres

Acropora tizardi

Acropora tutuilensis

Acropora valida

Acropora variabilis

Acropora variolosa

Acropora willisae

Agaricia agaricites

Agaricia grahamae

Agaricia humilis

Agaricia lamarcki

Agaricia tenuifolia

Agaricia undata

Alveopora fenestrata

Alveopora tizardi

Alveopora verrilliana

Anacropora forbesi

Anacropora puertogalerae

Anacropora reticulata

Anacropora spinosa

Anacropora spumosa