Range size

ID: 138

Class: Geographical


Geographic range size of species calculated from shapefiles. Be aware that there are different definitions of range size. For example, Veron (2000) range sizes are the sum of ecoregion sizes in which a species occurs; whereas, Hughes et al. (2013) range sizes capture the full extent of a species and so will be larger than Veron (2000) range sizes. Largest range size is used when species are synonymized.



Editor: Sally Keith (contact)


Acanthastrea brevis

Acanthastrea echinata

Acanthastrea hemprichi

Acanthastrea ishigakiensis

Acanthastrea regularis

Acanthastrea rotundoflora

Acanthastrea subechinata

Acropora abrolhosensis

Acropora abrotanoides

Acropora aculeus

Acropora acuminata

Acropora akajimensis

Acropora anthocercis