Growth form Veron

ID: 180

Class: Morphological


The growth form (morphology) of a species as derived from text descriptions in Veron (2000). Species can have more than one growth form, and therefore captures some degree of morphological plasticity.


Values: encrusting massive submassive branching_open corymbose branching_closed tables_or_plates digitate hispidose laminar columnar encrusting_long_uprights


Editor: Andrew Baird (contact)


Acanthastrea brevis

Acanthastrea rotundoflora

Agaricia agaricites

Agaricia humilis

Alveopora allingi

Alveopora excelsa

Alveopora fenestrata

Alveopora marionensis

Alveopora minuta

Alveopora spongiosa

Alveopora tizardi

Alveopora verrilliana

Alveopora viridis

Anomastraea irregularis

Astrangia poculata

Australophyllia wilsoni

Bernardpora stutchburyi

Ctenella chagius

Cyphastrea japonica

Dipsastraea helianthoides

Dipsastraea lacuna

Dipsastraea rosaria

Echinophyllia orpheensis

Echinopora gemmacea

Echinopora hirsutissima