Symbiodinium sp. in propagules

ID: 3

Class: Reproductive


Whether or not mature eggs or larvae contain Symbiodinium sp. at the time of release from the parent. Typically determined by eye, rarely by histology or fluorescent microscopy, which are required for confirmation.


Values: no yes


Editor: Andrew Baird (contact)


Favites magnistellata

Favites valenciennesi

Galaxea fascicularis

Gardineroseris planulata

Goniastrea edwardsi

Goniastrea retiformis

Herpolitha limax

Homophyllia hillae

Isophyllia sinuosa

Isopora togianensis

Leptoria phrygia

Lithophyllon concinna

Lithophyllon repanda

Lobactis scutaria

Lobophyllia corymbosa

Lobophyllia pachysepta

Madracis formosa

Madracis mirabilis

Madracis pharensis

Madracis senaria

Manicina areolata

Meandrina meandrites

Micromussa lordhowensis

Montipora aequituberculata

Montipora altasepta