Water clarity preference

ID: 97

Class: Ecological


Preferred water clarity environment. Derived from preferred habitat textual descriptions, mostly from Veron and Stafford-Smith (2002), and published in Diaz and Madin (2011).


Values: clear both turbid


Editor: Joshua Madin (contact)


Acropora fenneri

Acropora filiformis

Acropora florida

Acropora forskali

Acropora gemmifera

Acropora glauca

Acropora globiceps

Acropora gomezi

Acropora grandis

Acropora granulosa

Acropora haimei

Acropora halmaherae

Acropora hemprichii

Acropora hoeksemai

Acropora horrida

Acropora humilis

Acropora hyacinthus

Acropora indonesia

Acropora inermis

Acropora insignis

Acropora intermedia

Acropora irregularis

Acropora jacquelineae

Acropora japonica

Acropora khayranensis