Methodology: Calculated from Veron ecoregion shapefile

ID: 74


  • The trait was calculated from summing the areas of ecoregion shapefiles in which a species is located based on Veron (2000). That is, calculations are not made from a single GIS shapefile.

Used for traits:

Added by: Joshua Madin

Observations using this methodology

Symphyllia erythraea

Symphyllia hassi

Symphyllia radians

Symphyllia recta

Symphyllia valenciennesii

Trachyphyllia geoffroyi

Turbinaria bifrons

Turbinaria conspicua

Turbinaria frondens

Turbinaria heronensis

Turbinaria irregularis

Turbinaria mesenterina

Turbinaria patula

Turbinaria radicalis

Turbinaria reniformis

Turbinaria stellulata

Zoopilus echinatus