Growth outline type

ID: 101

Class: Morphological


Whether or not a colony tends to approach a predictable outline. This trait was included in Wallace et al. (2012), and so has been measured mostly for Acropora.


Values: indeterminate determinate


Editor: Mia Hoogenboom (contact)


Acropora tenuis

Acropora torihalimeda

Acropora tortuosa

Acropora tumida

Acropora turaki

Acropora valenciennesi

Acropora valida

Acropora variolosa

Acropora vaughani

Acropora verweyi

Acropora walindii

Acropora willisae

Acropora yongei

Isopora brueggemanni

Isopora crateriformis

Isopora cuneata

Isopora elizabethensis

Isopora palifera

Isopora togianensis